Remembering a horse you've lost
Or Treasuring one you have.

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Welcome to Treasured Tails!
Located in Beautiful NE Lower Michigan

Custom Horse Hair Jewelry & Pendants
Memorial Keepsake or Tribute to your Treasured Horse
** Make great Gifts or Keepsakes**


Do you have a horse you would love to have a beautiful piece of jewelry made from their hair that you can have with you any time ? Have you lost a Beloved horse that you would love to have a memory piece of to remember them ? Treasuredtails can offer these services.

The Clay beads are done by hand, any color combination/blend you want. Since they are handmade each set is from same batch clay mix, but can vary.  New bead colors on new items page!


Check out the
Sterling Silver Charms and Beads -they are optional.
If you have a idea for something or to Customize your order that I don't have here, just ASK - I will work out a design for you.

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If you live in the states below and are the first in your state to place a order you will get a 15% coupon for future orders over $40.00


I have been helping horse owners remembering their treasured friends for over 5 years now.
would like to continue to provide this service to customers in all the 50 states, Canada as well as any other country.
Now in 48 States as well as
London, Canada, Denmark and Malaysia !

Email  for orders and Quote !
Congrats to

Stephanie Waters-Parks  she was my 100th Customer !!
& received a free Horse hair item on her return order!

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Grand Horse

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